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London, United Kingdom.


London, United Kingdom.


2007- - Publication of a book of 36 top contemporary French artists and artisans titled: Nouveaux Artisans-Createurs de France. It is a book of photos and texts comprising 200 pages in French. However, soon the English version will be available and hopefully a Japanese version. Publisher: Les Editions du Pigeonnier. Taiwan. To order: or
- Designing of Virgoletti and Sakamoto company website in Italy using my photos of various violin makers, wood cutting in Paneveggio Forest in Italy, and in Croatia.
- Shooting of some of the best violins in the world with the most famous violin players either independent or Concert Masters for my next book.
2006- - Various shooting in Italy, France, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, England etc...
- Various publications in Japanese magazines including the monthly Yamaha classical music magazine.
- October 2006, 9 pages in ELLE A TABLE Japan about the Loire Valley, in France with subjects ranging from wine, to gastronomy, leisure, castles etc…
- Photo exhibition in MondoMusica 2006 in Cremona, Italy. 7 photos (1.80 m x 1.20m) exclusively related to violins and violin making.
- Design the Virgoletti and Sakamoto's 38 metres long stand in MondoMusica Cremona, Italy
- Published a series of photos for an advertising campaign in the Cremona Trienale, in the Liuteria Musica Cultura (the Association of Italian Violin makers) and in various high class antique magazines.
- Publication of a wonderful booklet of photos by the Rwanda Embassy in Japan. I shot the material in June during a 2 weeks trek across the entire country including the famous Mountain Gorillas.

- marie claire South Korea 6 pages feature article about an Italian woman barrister and a French woman farmer who uses biodynamic farming methods of production.
- ELLE Taiwan 4 pages about a French wine castle in Anjou valley which produces Bio and Biodynamic wines in the celebrated Coteuax du Layon AOC ( Appellation d'Origine Controlee)
- Photo exhibition in Tsukiji Tokyo Japan, June 2005. ( 9 photos 1.80 m x 1.20m) and (7 photos 1m x 0.7m). Photos of Tsukiji fish Market in Tokyo, the largest fish market in the world and one of Tokyo's main attraction for tourists with good sense.
- Various photo shoots in Europe, Asia, American continent in preparation for a book related to the best violins on the planet and their players.
- marie claire photo publication for the end of the year project, a Yoga teacher and a belly dancer
- Photos for Junko Arai's biographical book and wine growing in France (Japanese publication).
- Shooting of photos for Yoko Endo's book on Kimonos in Japan Vol: 3 & 4 (see Publication)
- Shooting of photos of La Fresnaye wine castle in France for Isis Co Ltd and their website


-Publishing a book concerning the Artists of the "Ateliers d'Art de France" in French
and English languages ( 2 separate versions) ready for distribution November 2004.
- marie claire "A Woman's Most Precious Person, Affair and Object" December 2004 issue.
- Published 24 photos into postacards for Alte Kobo. Total print run 24,000 pieces
- Sarasarte magazine use of photos over one year period from mid-September 2004 to August 2005 (see publications)
- Website photos for le Bretagne chain of restaurants in Japan and France shoot in France and in Japan.
- Website photos for a traditional Japanese incense (Bertrand's wife) shoot in Japan.

-Published in SKYWARDS the first issue of the new JAL in-flight magazine April 2003 a feature article on famous violin maker and restorer Muneyuki Nakazawa.
-Published in Marie Claire Taiwan, April 2003, a feature article on Ratanakiri "Terres Rouges Lodge". Story of a young Cambodian woman who survived the Kmer Rouge, married, and runs one of the most beautiful lodge in Cambodia surrounded by three of Cambodia most primitive tribes.
-ELLE magazine April 2003 Taiwan published an article about Robert le Heros, French designer and a further 2 articles on French artists to follow.
-March 2003 one of my photos given to charity sold at the auction of the American School in Tokyo. It fetched 850 US$
-St Bernard of Menthon: the Myth and glory of the Saint patron of mountain climbers. Published in Marie Claire South Korea, August 2003.
-Photographed a series on Marie Claire Japan's chief editor for Marie Claire Taiwan as part of a series on the most charismatic Marie Claire chief editors around the world.
-Photographed a series on a Geisha girl in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, for Marie Claire Taiwan, published in December 2003 as part of the "The most beautiful wishes around the world".
-October 2003 Trip to China to prepare an exhibition in two cities in 2004.
- Preparing two new articles for Marie Claire Taiwan: one concerning an Italian lawyer in San-Remo, and the second concerning a French woman farmer in the middle of Provence. Publishing dates early 2004.

2002- - ELLE magazine Taiwan February 2002: a short profile of my work and my portrait with 4 pages on the French hat company WERLE.
-Article published in Jap@ninc magazine distributed to the White House concerning high technology in Japan. 4 pages of photos the Mandala non profitable world peace project. Published January 2002. Photos taken with the Digital Canon D30 camera. Japan
-Article published in Jap@ninc magazine 2 pages on testing the Canon Digital D30 camera. Published February 2002. Japan
-DINER's CLUB 'SIGNATURE' Magazine Cover page, plus 7 pages of text and photos. Published February 2002, March issue in Japan.
-One feature article in JAL magazine WINDS concerning the French Alps' cheeses with AOC. Published March 2002 in the English section.
-ELLE magazine March 2002, published 4 pages on French artist Christophe Nancey whose unique work includes very rare wood essences and pewter. Text and photos.
-Published 12 hand made exclusive high quality leather binded photo books including poetry and texts. Completed April 2002.
-June 2002, 9 photos recording violin restoration (Stradivarius, Guarneri etc...) published into post cards format by Gengakki Duo Co Japan.
-MARIE CLAIRE Taiwan published 8 pages on Voodoo priestess in Haiti. September 2002.
-MARIE CLAIRE Taiwan published 5 pages on French colocynths breeder and inseminator Bernard Fournier-Bidoz. November 2002.
-Series of photos about two women in Japan for Marie Claire Taiwan.Published December 2002.


-One man exhibition show at the Agnes Hall, in Tokyo, Japan. 15 large colour photos exemplifying the work of a Stradivarius, Guarneri, Guadagnini violin restorer in Japan.
-5 designers feature article from the Ateliers d'Art de France published in KATEI-GAHO March 2001 edition. KATEI-GAHO is one of the oldest high quality Japanese women magazine. (circulation, minimum 300,000 copies).
-Taiwan ELLE Magazine published 4 pages article every month in a column specially dedicated to my work titles 'DISCOVERY'.
- Feature articles depicting the condition of African women in Senegal, Mauritania, Mali published in January, February, and April 2001 in WORLD GEO MAGAZINE, Taiwan.
- Feature articles concerning French artists of the Ateliers d'Art de France published in June, July and August 2001 in World Geo Magazine of Taiwan. .
- Photographed France's famous artist Mathias'catalogue. Mathias is also Baccarat, Daum, St Louis, and Caron's designer. Madona is one of his clients.
- African women photos printed in MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE in Taiwan in the February 2001 issue.
-Photographed 20 French artists and companies for the 'Ateliers d'Art de France' in France and wrote texts for feature articles.

2000- -One 7pages feature article printed in JAL (Japan Air Line) inflight magazine WINDS concerning Wodaabe people in Niger (Africa). The first issue of the new millennium (January 2000).
-Photographed 21 French artists and companies for the 'Ateliers d'Art de France' and wrote feature articles.
-The Ateliers d'Art de France reportage was published in June 2000 as a 24 pages feature article in ASAHI GRAPH in Japan, including the front page. (circulation, 180,000 copies)
-The Ateliers d'Art de France series is being published in ELLE Magazine in Taiwan. First article published in October 2000. The series will last throughout the year into 2001.
-A series of 8 articles concerning French women artists from the Ateliers d'Art de France published in the American/Japanese internet magazine SHE.TV
-'Life on the Bridge' feature article concerning Japanese groupies and the new generation music bands. Published in March 2000 in WORLD GEO MAGAZINE in Taiwan.
-A series of 6 articles about African women published in the internet magazine ONEWOMEN.COM


-Published one feature article on 6 African countries in the ASAHI GRAPH magazine in Japan. The Asahi Graph is the photographers magazine par excellence, very high quality printing and large circulation. (circulation 180,000 copies) - December 1999 -
-Organised the buying of the Football World Cup 2002 television rights for Japan for
KIRARA MEDIA INC. Close relationship with ISL and FIFA.
-Organised the buying of Formula 1 Grand Prix television rights in Japan for KIRARA
MEDIA INC. Close relationship with FOA and its president.
-Sales of 13 X 26 minutes Out Door programme series to NHK from America (USA) for KIRARA MEDIA INC.
-Sales of 13 X 26 minutes extreme sports series to NHK from America (USA) for
-Sold the television rights of the Football World Cup champions France (Euro 2000
qualifying games) (Sports I TV) for KIRARA MEDIA INC..
-Wrote 2 feature articles about the Alps Mountains and the polemic regarding non pasteurised and natural cheeses.
-Published a feature article in GEO Magazine February 1999 in South Korea about paper making in France Richard de Bas (Auvergne).
-Published a feature article in GEO Magazine May 1999 in South Korea about
Ji-Tong practices in Taiwan. Very bloody religious ceremonies, a unique master piece of blood, gods, and people.

1998- --Started to photograph Tsukiji fish market, including festival, sushi restaurant etc
-Started a photo series on Kyoto city.
-Photographed various single subjects from USA to Indonasia
1997- -Photographed and wrote articles on the French Alps, ecology and the cheese polemic.
-Selected for "The 2nd Tokyo International Photo-Biennial July 97" held at the TOKYO METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY.
-Photographed a Taoist Festival in Taiwan and wrote 24 pages article.
-Photo exhibition in Taiwan at the Tsing Hua University Art Centre in October 1997. Africa meets Taiwan patronized by the French Embassy 3,000 visitors.
-Photo exhibition in Taiwan at the Yuang-Ze Institute of Technology, Centre of Humanity & Art Centre, November 1997, Africa meets Taiwan, patronized by the French Embassy, over 2,500 visitors.

1996- -14 animal postcards from Africa published in Japan (total print series 140,000 units)
-Wrote a 6 x 52 minutes TV series titled LIVING AFRICA for High Definition TV production.
-Produced a series of three feature articles about African tribes published in World Geo Magazine in Taiwan (Dogon in Mali, June 1996).
-Produced a series of three feature articles about African tribes published in World Geo Magazine in Taiwan (Pygme in Cameroon, September 1996).
-Produced a series of three feature articles about African tribes published in World Geo Magazine in Taiwan (Wodaabe in Niger, November 1996).


-Photo exhibition (one man show) in Lyon (FNAC), France, "AMBAM"
-Photo exhibition (one man show) in Tokyo, Japan, at Vision Network Gallery, titled "AVION PAR TERRE", 54 large format photos about Africa, Patronized by the FRENCH EMBASSY. Official sponsors: FUJI FILMS & SHASHIN KOSHA LABORATROY, LOUIS VITTON / VEUVE CL
-One photo exhibited at the VEUVE CLICQUOT photographic competition, in SPIRALHALL Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan.
-Photo exhibition (one man show) in Taiwan, Taipei titled "LIGHT & BEAUTY FROM
AFRICA" at the FUJI/CANON RAINBOW GALLERY. 54 photos Patronized by the FRENCH EMBASSY. Official sponsors: FUJI FOUNDATION, EVA AIR,



-Produce & Organise an expedition in Africa through 11 countries, from Dakar (Senegal) to 1993 Cape Town (South Africa) with 2 cars and 7 South Korean Television crew members from KBS (National TV Station).
-Organized 4 x 30 seconds television commercials for SsangYong car company, South Korea.