Dear friend,
Thank you very much for visiting my website and I hope you have enjoyed some of the photos. If you
wish you can register in the listing of people who are participating and supporting my work. To this
effect, once you have registered I will send you a copy of the ethics governing the gathering of patrons,
and its outcome. You will receive an update of my work and publications for example: in September
2004 I am publishing a book in French and English languages on 42 of the best French artists of the
Ateliers d'art de France. If you wish to purchase a copy, it will be sent to you at a reduce cost. I am
also working on another project, I am looking for a publisher to publish a book on Muneyuki Nakazawa
the exceptional Japanese violin maker / restorer. I have now shot over 6,000 exquisite photos. From
Stradivarius being operated upon to the most delightful instruments of the world and the violinists who
play them. In October 2003 I visited China and I am now discussing the possibilities of having a large
photo exhibition in two or three cities in the year 2004. My next bulletin will expend on the progress
made on the above issues.
Bernard Morales

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